How to Choose Connector
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Summary:Summary:Connector is designed to match with cable, you have to choose the connector according to the cable parameters.
1. Checking Cable Parameters:

In your application process, if you will only need connector, and use your own cable to connect with the connector, you have to measure your cable outer diameter first, and make sure which kind of cable you are using.

1>: Cable outer diameter measurment: the measurement tool is a micrometer , please measure the cable outer diameter as below photo:

You can measure different locations of the cable to get a average result.

2>: Cable spec, normally there are 2 kinds of cable standard, which is divided according to the cable inner wire square milimeter. a: 0.2mm2, 0.3mm2, 0.5mm2 , 0.75mm2, 1.0mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, 6.0mm2, 10.0mm2; or The USA standard: 24AWG. 22AWG , 20AWG, 18AWG, 16AWG, 14AWG, 12AWG, 10AWG. ..

2. Checking the applicaiton condition for the connector:

1>: Current rating and 2>: Voltage rating